Massage, Yoga & Breathwork

I am Lena, a passionate enthusiast of massages and yoga.

About Me:

My passion lies in exploring the potential for well-being that our body and mind can offer. With years of experience in the field, I have discovered that massage and yoga are exceptional means to cultivate health, relaxation, and mindfulness.

My Approaches:

Each massage is a dive into the ocean of relaxation, releasing physical tensions and restoring energy flow. My yoga classes combine postures, mindful breathing, and meditation to create an experience where the mind and body dance in harmony.

My Journey:

My knowledge has been solidified through extensive training in yoga, Ayurvedic massage, meditation, and breathwork. Since 2016, I have worked with groups and individuals, sharing my passion for well-being. More recently, I enriched my experiences as a masseuse and yoga instructor at the Sonnhof Ayurveda Resort in Austria, one of Europe’s most renowned wellness establishments.

Your Well-being, My Passion:

My deep commitment is to guide your awareness through the ocean of your being. I believe in the power of intuition and strive to enhance your ability to recognize what is beneficial for your body, mind, and soul.

Dive with me into this nurturing journey. Contact me to discover how we can awaken your awareness, strengthen your intuition, and explore the vast horizons of well-being together. I am here, ready to share these moments of calm and connection with you.

With love for life,



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